Dristi (Gaze)

Our Dristi (Gaze) during yoga asana practice deepens the primary movement of the pose, and keeps the mind engaged and focused. Three step method to fix our Dristi; first one must develop and focus on the alignment of pose, the next step is to focus on the breath, and then finally the dristi.

Types of Dristi

  1. Nasikagra Dristi – Where gaze at the tip of the Nose. Like in Upward facing Dog (Bhujangasana) we gaze at the tip of the nose.
  2. Nabhi Chakra Dristi – Gaze at the Navel. As we do during Downward facing Dog (Adhomukhasavan asana)
  3. Angusta Madhye Dristi – Gaze at the Thumb, as we do in Warrior pose I (Virbhadrasana I)
  4. Hastagrae Dristi – Gaze at the hands as we do in Triangle pose (Trikonasana)
  5. Padayoragre Dristi – Gaze at the toes, as we do in Extended Hand to toe pose (Utthitha Hast Padangusthaasana)
  6. Urdhva Dristi – Gaze upward as we do in Warrior angle or Halfmoon pose (Ardha Chandrasana)
  7. Parsva Dristi – Gaze to the side, as we do in Half Spinal twists (Matsayendra asana)
  8. Naitrayahmadya Dristi – Gaze at third eye or in between the two eyebrows as we do in fish pose(matsya asana) or reverse warrior II (viprita virbhadrasana)

Note: While fixing your Dristi, go gentle and soft with your eyes; do not strain the eyes; it has to be a soft gaze. The muscles around the eyes should be relaxed.

So, the next time your teacher say to fix your gaze or Focus, you know where to look for better alignment and goood nervous flow.

We know “Where eyes go, attention flows”.


Toxic Soul Syndrome/Restless Soul Syndrome



In today’s digital and materialistic world, we hear a new suffering “Toxic Soul Syndrome”or “Restless Soul Syndrome”. I took time out in the nature to handle this Syndrome which saps our energy and makes us negative. Like body detoxification, our mind and emotions also need detoxification. So,detoxification is a must. We need to create blissful moments of stillness. The blissful moment is all about finding the still place within, which is the infinite joy.

Chanting the mantra “OM” and doing some breathing yogic exercises in the nature do wonders for our mind, body and soul; you truly feel connected with the cosmic energy. That’s my mantra of blissology, you can create your own.

When you chant “OM” with each single syllable, it works amazingly; to experience it, you have to do it yourself.

Mantra is made of syllables which have their influence by the sound and resonance that syllable produces . Every syllable has a different resonance and effect on our body parts. Each syllable resonates with a certain Chakra and Organ.

A- The waking State

U- The dream state

M – the deep sleep state

“AUM” the pause or the stillness of mind, silence state is called ” Turiya” or infinite consciouseness.  Anyhow, our purpose is to bring the calmness of mind. You’ll feel it when you experience it yourself with awareness.

How to do it??

Understand that “A” is a throat sound. “U” is a lip sound & “M” is the root of tongue which produces the humming sound. Roll your tongue and touch on your upper palate .

The final sound you get is “OOOMM“.

When you chant ‘Aaaaaa’in a low pitch you’ll feel the sound resonance in the abdomen and lower part of the body. Repeat this sound 6-9 times for a good effect.

Chanting ‘Oooooo’for the sound of U syllable in a loud pitch, feel sound resonance in the chest and the middle part of the body. Repeat the same sound for 6-9 times for a better result.

Chanting ‘mmmmm‘ sound in a low pitch, which is the humming bee sound, by rolling the tongue on the upper palate, feel the sound resonance in the entire brain region.Repeat this sound 6-9 times.

After this, for the final resonance together, chant the Mantra ‘AUM’ with full concentration on a low pitch, feel the sound resonance throughout the whole body. Repeat this “AUM” mantra 9 times. The energy moves from the abdomen all the way up till the brain and this energy activates the flow of prana, apana, udana, vyana, samana, which are responsible for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The most imporatant thing to keep in mind is, Resonance will occur only when the frequency of the generated sound matches with the natural frequency of the body. Therefore, while producing different sounds (A, U, M & AUM ) try to adjust the pitch in such a way that a fine resonance is achieved. The resonance sounds work as stimulations and post resonance silence deepens the awareness and releases even very subtle tensions.

After this activity, I’m sure you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


I would love to hear your experience/feedback at my email dilzyoga@gmail.com







My Yoga Journey – The longest journey is the journey inward

Star your walk…

Mookam Karoti vAchalAm Pangum Langhyate girim,

Yat KruPa A tam-aham Vande ..ParamAnada Madhvam

I salute Lord Madhava by whose grace the dumb can become eloquent and the lame can cross over mountains.

One of my favourite shlokas from Dhyan Shlokas of Bhagvad Gita, 8th Shloka from 1st chapter of Dhyan Shloka. The energy of this mantra is magical, Every time I hear this mantra or recite myself, it gives me inherent bliss, joy and the fulfillment of existence.

Since my childhood, I was always curious to know how people discovered yoga.

I always wanted to do all the yoga asanas and at times even imagined myself doing them in my dreams. But then, Why it took me so many years to understand yoga?? I think God gives you something only when you’re really ready to handle it well. Today, Yoga is not only I love doing but now I breath it too. I may not have reached the perfection and command to hold all the asanas.. I realised, Yoga is not just about showing up on the mat. It’s about showing up in your life, in your day. It’s about opening your heart while standing firm and strong and believing in yourself. Now, it’s a part of my life and my daily prayers.

For me, Yoga is like a ride to life’s never ending journey. It has such a profound depth that to understand and become a part of it , one may take many lives to understand it completely. In every Asana, you learn something new and different from your previous practice and understanding of that Asana.

God showed me the path that Yoga is my destiny and this is my path. Somehow, my God has always been very kind to me. He always makes better plans for me than myself.

How Yoga becomes so important to me?? How it all started??

Ever since my childhood I was an average child with so many health issues. I guess, I had given lot of troubles to my parents. I was underweight and allergic to dairy and seafood. At the age of 12-25 years, I suffered a lot from Bronchial Asthamatic attacks. This had been an ongoing process even after my marriage when we shifted to Delhi and my weak immune system could not tolerate the pollution of the city.

The frequency of attacks increased and so the worry of my husband..

Finally, after seeing my suffering and pain with sleepless nights, he asked me to throw away all the medicines and my inhalers into the bin. And he himself took the charge to teach me Yoga and Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) like Kapal Bhati ,Anuloma Vilouma, Brahmari etc. as he himself is into Yoga and a certified trainer from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams. He became my first Yoga guru… really blessed to get a partner like him. I took my practise seriously with awareness. First, I stopped my dependency on inhalers and later medicines completely.

Now, I left those sufferings and pains long back (6-7 years) and moved ahead in my life with so many positive and healthy changes. My journey with my yoga is an ongoing process and as I said,” For me it’s a never ending jouney and I enjoy every moment of it. It not only gave me the new prespective to understand life but I found a new “ME” in it.

But… My relatives/Old acquaintances still cling on to their old rhetoric,” Do you still have those wheezing cough problems??” And when I say No.. this answer is not acceptable to them and they keep probing like idiots??  Now, I keep myself away from all such negativity.

I keep on repeating this George Bernard Shaw famous quote quite often….”The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.”

Yoga teaches me many things including patience, compassion and acceptance.

If you are new to Yoga and find that this is not what you were looking for, try new teachers and few new styles of Yoga and keep exploring until you find something which suits your style and mood.

Thank you, for stopping by… Keep faith, Better days and Higher love are comin’ soon.